The Land of Chores
March 5th, 2014 by Blaise

Installing stuff. Assembling stuff. Cleaning stuff. Laundering stuff. Rinse, and repeat!

I think we’re prepared. Not at all ready, mind you, but prepared. I have discovered that our unborn child already owns more changes of clothes than I do, and my research tells me we will need to get him a new wardrobe from scratch every three months or so. This frightens me.

If it’s this much work weeks *before* the baby, I am daunted by the consideration of how much work it will be once he arrives…

One Response  
  • Jillian B writes:
    March 9th, 201411:46 pmat

    Don’t worry, even though you may not feel ready, it will change once your little bundle of love decide to emerge hopefully sooner rather than later. And my offer still stands that I will come over and let you sleep/shower/go for a walk/or any other shenanigans and watch Squishy. Everything will be just fine <3

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